Food Truck Pilot Program Customer Survey

Thank you for supporting the 2018 Cambridge Food Truck Pilot Program! Please take this survey to tell us about your experience. Your feedback will help us refine the program to best suit community needs.

More information about the Pilot is available at For a paper copy of the survey, or for any other questions please contact Christina DiLisio at or (617) 349 4601.
How did you find out about the Food Truck Pilot or the trucks operating?
What are your main reasons for visiting food trucks?
Which site do you visit most often?
How often do you visit a Cambridge food truck location?
How much do you usually spend at the food trucks at each visit?
Does cost limit how often you will visit a food truck location?
Do you live/ work nearby
Are you only at the food truck locations to visit the food trucks or does something else draw you?
If "something else," what is it?
Your answer
If the food trucks were not out, would you have gone to a nearby restaurant?
Have you visited other stores in the area of the food trucks?
If so, which ones?
Your answer
Would you come to a food truck location on other days/evenings to eat or shop?
If so, when?
Your answer
Do you think having food trucks out makes you more likely to visit the other businesses and restaurants in the area?
How does the presence of food trucks affect your experience as a pedestrian?
Negative Impact
Positive Impact
How do you perceive the safety of the location of these food trucks?
What is your home zip code?
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Please provide as much demographic information as you'd like. This section is not required.
What is your gender
What is your age?
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Do you Identify as? (mark one or more boxes and specify if you wish)
If foreign born, what is your country of origin?
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