Ebury Meanwhile - Finding users and activities for the Community Centre
Westminster City Council are renewing the Ebury Bridge Estate South of Victoria Station. This will create up to 750 new high-quality homes across a range of tenure types over the next seven years, along with thriving places to shop and lively gardening spaces. Located opposite the Chelsea Barracks development, the renewal project is one of the Council’s top priorities in its delivery of 1,850 new affordable homes over the next three years.

The Ebury Meanwhile project will provide much-needed community and enterprise space for a period of 4-5 years whilst the estate is redeveloped. It will house a new community hall, a cafe, 7 retail units and 12 workspaces.

The new community hall is at the heart of the project and we are aiming to provide a multi-function space for a variety of uses for local people. We want to ensure we design a scheme that will preserve and encourage community uses in the area, so please take 5 minutes to tell us what is important to you and your community. This survey will also tell us what community groups or activities are interested to use the new community hall, so we can keep them informed of the next stages and developments.
Ebury Meanwhile - architect's visualisation
1. Are you or do you know someone currently delivering a community activity in the area? *
2. What type of activity do you currently or want to deliver? *
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3. What is the name of your organisation or community group?
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4. Who are the beneficiaries of your activity? *
5. What type of space do you need to deliver your activities? *
6. When are you most likely to be using the community space? *
7. Does your organisation also require work space?
8. If it does, what kind of space?
9. How often do you need access to workspace?
10. Does your organisation require retail space?
11. There are over 12 community venues in the area, do you use them?
12. Which one?
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13. Are there any facilities that current community venues are not providing?
14. What are they?
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15. Do you currently use another venue outside of Westminster?
16. Where?
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17. If you do, are you interested in finding a venue in Westminster?
Do you want to stay up to date with any Ebury Meanwhile opportunities?
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Does your organisation have a website? If so what is the web address?
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