2017 CMC West | Dec. 26-29 Registration
All information about CMC here: http://bit.ly/17cmcwest

Dates: December 26-29, 2017
Location: Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, CA
Price: $100 (Flight Ministry only) by Sunday, Nov 5 at 11:59:59 PST
Others: $135 (if not from FCBC, please contact Darren)

Includes: Registration, Food, Transportation, Accommodations
First 25 Flight Student sign ups get a free gift!
There is no regular or late fee! The price significantly jumps after Nov 5!

Make checks to "First Chinese Baptist Church"
Questions? Contact Darren Lo (darrenlo@fcbc.org)
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The State of California requires that each camper have a health screening before arriving at a campsite. On the morning of departure each camper will be screened for recent nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, elevated temperature, transmissible conditions (i.e. lice), and exposure to illness. If you are sick or have any of the aforementioned conditions, please DO NOT attend retreat. While we value your presence, your condition could likely get others ill. ("Seek the interest of others ahead of yourself.") A refund will be provided. In addition, some forms will be provided to you in advance to complete.
I hereby release and waive any liability against First Chinese Baptist Church - L.A., its officers, employees and volunteers for any injury that may incur as a result of participating in this camp. Should it be necessary for me to have medical treatment while participating in this activity, I hereby give First Chinese Baptist Church permission to act on my behalf to secure any hospitalization or medical services deemed necessary and appropriate by the physician and absolve said First Chinese Baptist Church from any and all forms of negligence and wrong treatment incurred in the procurement and process of hospitalization and medical treatment. First Chinese Baptist Church has my permission to obtain emergency medical treatment for me at the expense of myself and/or my insurance company.
Interested in serving with the Children's Program?
Children's Program Volunteers will get another discount. Requires training and will miss parts of the main sessions.
Do you need campership?
A church fund is provided to assist with the cost of camp for those who truly cannot afford the full expense. In exchange, you volunteer some time and energy with tasks at church or specific sites.
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