Eco Architecture Workshop
The residential workshop will be held in batches from November 1st to December 31st. Participants can take part for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 60 days. This workshop is designed to give participants a chance not only to have hands on experience of traditional architecture but also to get an option to get a taste of sustainable living.
The work will involve physical labour for 8 hours on-site. Yoga sessions, relaxation practices, group activities, cerebral and physical Indic games, engaging discussions and debates will be held beyond stipulated eight working hours per day, to create a complete different environment, where learning transcends to realization. Simple but nutritious satwik meals will keep one in line with the yogic practice and philosophy.

Objectives -
1. Provide an opportunity for participants to gain a hands on learning experience of sustainable construction on-site right from site marking to roofing and plastering, thereby giving them an end to end overview of the construction process
2. Help participants understand and appreciate vernacular architecture
3. Aims to take participants through the sustainable lifestyle, exposing them with our tradition through yogic philosophy and practice

Registration Fee:
6,300Rs/week (Includes Workshop costs, Food, Accommodation and Local Trek)
Additional 750/day, for more than a week.

Assignments -
1) Preparation of mud mortar
2) Site marking
3) Excavating foundation trench
4) Laying the foundation with stone and mud
5) Laying the plinth and inserting pillars made of palm tree trunks
6) Erection of walls using mud on bamboo reinforcement and insertion of door and window frames and ventilators
7) Palm leaf roof fabrication on bamboo structure
8) Preparation and application of water repelling mud plaster on exterior and interior walls
9) Fixing of door and window shutters, knobs and latch
10) Base preparation and laying the floor finish
11) Laying electrical cable and installing light fixtures
12) Preparation and application of traditional lime wash and organic paints made of natural pigments on the walls
13) Installing rainwater harvest system along with building a recharge soak pit
14) Physical work like transporting raw materials within the site and maintain overall cleanliness

Venue: Anaadi Foundation, Ivarmalai, near Palani, Tmilnadu, India
Contact: 9789637109

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