2018 Wayzata Football Parent Questionnaire
Parent Questionnaire
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Our goal for our son is to earn enough playing time to make a meaningful contribution to the team, and serve as a springboard for playing football in college. He's very focused on continuing with football after high school, and we'd love to see that become a reality for him.
Our goal for the team is that they win enough games to have a chance at competing for state finals.
We already have a wonderful community of parents, as well as caring, involved coaches, so I'd just like to see that continue.
We will continue to be welcoming, supportive and collaborative with all the parents. Volunteering is a great way to be involved, so my husband and I will continue to look for opportunities to help the team and our football "community."
The parent/player/coaches meetings are very helpful in getting to know the coaches and their goals for our kids. I also like the email messages from Coach Brown that include a personal message, as well as keeping us up-to-date on team happenings.
We really appreciate the "off the field" activities that have been added to the program. Having motivational speakers and former players come and talk to the boys is an excellent idea. Work out programs during the off season helps keep our kids in shape, and shows them that fitness can be a life-long habit. My son and his friends are also much more aware of good nutrition...none of them drink Mountain Dew or other sugary drinks anymore. I've stopped getting donuts and cookies because they won't eat them! The boys on the team have grown into such respectful, disciplined young men who make smart choices. Lastly, they really like and respect our coaching staff and look upon them as mentors. Glad they have such good role models.
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