Pub Lecture: Media Activism
What is the future of activism?

We live in a time where activism is visible as never before. Social platforms as much as traditional media are overwhelmed with news about movements ranging from environmental to social justice. But is there any real change happening or are we just blinded by the buzz? Is Cancel Culture holding people accountable or are we innocent until proven guilty? In short: What is the future of activism? This question among many others will be (attempted to be) answered during our Pub-Lecture: Media Activism.

In order to approach this controversial topic through many different lenses, SES (European Studies), Kleio (History), Machiavelli (political Sciences) and Off-Screen (Media Studies) partnered up for this panel about activism! 4 amazing guest speakers will explain their point of view - and in fact, they will try their best to convince us all! To keep the Pub Lecture as interactive as possible, we'll have different discussion sections with our guest speakers and after each, the participants will be able to vote on the most convincing point of view! But no worries, there will also be some time for questions and answers!

The event is on the 20th of April from 19:00 to 21:00 via Zoom.
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