Queer Housing Nacional Feedback Questionnaire
This questionnaire is for members of the Queer Housing Nacional Listserv. I'd like to assess your experience and request that you provide feedback, for future changes and improvements.
Demographics: For statistical purpose only, please tell me how you identify, in terms of your queerness, your gender, your race, and any other identifiers that you would like to claim.
Be as specific or as broad as you like. But please answer. Please use the same level of specificity that you would like to see used in posts.
Your answer
Do you identify as a queer woman of color?
If you are non-qwoc ally, do you have issues or questions regarding posting?
This feedback is helpful to my own wording. The goal is for you to feel confident in your posting, not hesitant or guilty.
Your answer
Community: In terms of queerness, gender, race, and any other identifiers are there specific groups of people that you would not consider community and that you would not like to have on this listserv? A gay boy for example? A white gay boy? A white straight boy who has a queer sister? When if at all do we draw the line (please keep in mind that the purpose of this listserv is to house queer women of color, and our allies... Folks have to consider themselves an ally to join if not a queer woman of color).
Allies in my understanding are: Trans folks of color, gender non-conforming folks of color, queer people of color (some men, but not majority), and some straight people if they have a place to offer, but not if they are seeking. This is completely confidential, and as a member of this listserv, you have the right to answer these questions and moderate your space.
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Have you posted to the listserv before?
Have you contacted any poster due to their posting on this listserv?
Have you had a negative experience on the listserv? This includes reading something offensive, contacting someone and having a bad experience, seeing a place and feeling unsafe, or anything else that made your day sour.
If yes, please be as descriptive as possible. If no, please write N/A.
Your answer
What city do you live in?
What is your primary reason for joining the listserv?
Are you still interested in being on the listserv if you are stable in your housing?
Meaning, if you were seeking or offering, (for example) do you still find the listserv interesting?
Not so Interested
Very Interested
Do you think the listserv would be best hosted under a different format? From a scale of 1 - 5, which do you think is the most effective format for hosting Queer Housing Correspondence
Please keep in mind, this is without funding and on a volunteer basis, so we would need to use open source software and minimal maintenance
1 -Least effective
5 -Most Effective
GoogleGroup (As IS)
Facebook Page
Other Format?
Any additional comments or feedback?
Knock yourself out! Be brutally honest. Tell me what you think is missing, what you'd like to see. Think big. Be unreasonable!
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