Girls Build HS Student Nominations
We will be awarding a high school student a $500 scholarship based on coordinator nominations! Please fill out this form to nominate one of your high school students who you think embodies the spirit of Girls Build: leadership, communication, work-ethic, and reliability.

We need all nominations in by May 10th:


They must have participated with a Girls Build team this school year - 2018-2019.
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Willingness to work hard
Personal Integrity and honesty
Ability to adapt to new / difficult situations
Leadership skills
Effective Communication
Social and personal responsibility
Technologically Literate
Clear selection
Please comment on the student’s participation as a member on the Girls Build team, specifically the role she played and how she supported the success of the team. (150 word maximum) *
Please provide us with any additional information that you think may be helpful for us in awarding a student. (150 word maximum)
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