Handbook on Law, Movements, and Social Change: Proposal Submissions
In these unsettled times, the study of law and social movements provides an ideal lens for rethinking fundamental questions about the relationship between law and power. Edited by Steve Boutcher (UMass Amherst), Corey Shdaimah (U of Maryland), and Michael Yarbrough (CUNY-John Jay), this Handbook takes up that challenge, using this historical moment as an opportunity to frame a new, more global and dynamic phase of law and social movement studies.

We seek contributions that provide theoretical and empirical perspectives on the changing relationship between law and social movements from scholars around the globe, in any relevant discipline and at any career stage. Interested colleagues are requested to submit extended abstracts of 400-500 words on or before January 26, 2020. All questions in this form are required. For the full call for submissions, please visit bit.ly/lawandmovementsopencall. Please contact us at lawandmovements@gmail.com with any questions.
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