2018 TCCBC Summer Camp Registration 夏令會報名表格
Registration Information 報名資料
Please submit one registration per FAMILY attending. Complete the form below submit online or you can return a printed copy to Yvette Chun. There is a $15 discount for early registration (by July 1). The registration fee structure is described below. Please submit your registration fees to Yvette to complete the registration procedure. A printed registration form can be downloaded at https://goo.gl/5Zv61h.

Date : Aug 10-12, 2018
Theme : Pursuing Christ
Facilities: Redwood Christian Park
Address: 15000 Two Bar Road, Boulder Creek, CA 95006
English Speaker: Dr. Randy McWhorter

Adult Registration Fee (13+): $150 by July 1, $165 after July 1
Child Registration Fee (4-12): $85 by July 1, $100 after July 1
Children ages 3 and under: Free
One Day Fees (Including Meals) Fri.-$15, Sat.-$30, Sun.-$15

請為每一位報名的分別填寫提交一份表格。為鼓勵大家提早報名參加夏令會,在七月一日及之前報名,減收 $15 費用。請填妥以下報名表,在網上提交,或交給陳綺芸 Yvette Chun 姊妹。請將夏令營費用提交給 Yvette 以完成報名程序。並可以從以下的網址下載註冊表 https://goo.gl/5Zv61h

日期:八月十日至十二日, 2018年
地址:15000 Two Bar Road, Boulder Creek, CA 95006

大人報名費(十三歲及以上):至七月一日止-$150, 七月一日後-$165
小孩報名費(四到十二歲):至七月一日止-$85, 七月一日後- $100
一天的費用(只包飲餐):禮拜五-$15, 禮拜六- $30, 主日-$15

First Name (English) 英文或拼音名字 *
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Last Name (English) 英文或拼音姓氏 *
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Chinese name 中文姓名
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What is your Gender? 性別 *
Male 男
Female 女
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Age 年齡 *
3 years and under 3歲及以下
4-12 years 4-12 歲
13 years and older 13歲及以上
Age 年齡
What is your Preferred Language? 語言 *
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Mandarin 國語
Cantonese 粵語
Language 語言
Are you registering anyone else? 你需要為其他人註冊嗎? *
Reminder: Submit payment to Yvette Chun and make checks payable to "TCCBC" 請將支票交給陳綺芸姊妹; 支票抬頭寫 " TCCBC"
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