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GUESTS: Each client is limited to one to two guests. Please let us know if one of your guests is a previous Cindy Bam bride/client. Name/Year:
What type of dress are you interested in? Choose at least two options, eg. custom/wedding *
SIZE: What size top and pants do you CURRENTLY wear? We need your exact size because our stock and sizes are limited and mostly one-of-a-kind. We don’t want to book you in and then there is nothing for you to fit. 

OPTIONAL: Please email us a photo of yourself that Cindy will use in private for body-shape purpose only, to with your name in the subject line.
LOOK: Are you looking for a specific style or shape? 
IMPORTANT: Please email pictures to with your name in the subject line. This helps us to see if you  a Modern, Classic, Boho etc. 
We are a Manufacturing Studio and work a full production week.
Therefore, we are only open for client appointments on selected days.

Weekdays: Wednesdays and Thursdays 09h00 – 16h00 (15h00 is the last appointment)
Selected Saturdays: 09h00 – 13h00.
After hours: Special arrangements can be made, and a higher fee will apply.
We are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
Book a consultation with designer, Cindy Bam.

It is important to remember that you are booking a consultation with a designer and that we are not a shop where you book a fitting with a sales lady that just assists you with fitting different dresses.  

You will spend an hour with her fitting existing dresses to see what style suits your body shape. 
Depending on your budget, she will plan with you to either do alterations to an existing dress to create your dream dress or to design a custom dress for you on your measurements.

Estimate prices includes the Designers time/design, Studio time, patternmaking time (1 day), 2-3 fittings (2hrs), Seamstress time/labour, Hand finishers time/labour, In-house fabric, lace, trims etc.

All depending on style and fabric:
Ready-to-Wear Dresses are priced from R12 000+ and alterations can be quoted on to create the dress of your dreams
Custom Wedding Dresses are priced from R25 000+
Custom Evening Dresses are priced R15 000 +

Please be realistic about what you want to spend on your dress, for it will save time and help us guide you to your perfect dress within your budget.
Request another day and/or a specific date:
ACCESSORIES: Are you interested in viewing or fitting accessories? *
Book an appointment to fit selected one-of-a-kind ready-to-wear evening dresses available to hire for functions, including Red Carpet, Fashion Show and Matric Dance or for photoshoots.

Please note that our dresses available to hire are one-of-a-kind and the size of the dress, is the only size available. We design and manufacture inhouse, no imports.

You can view some of our dresses available to hire online:

Please book your appointment no more than THREE MONTHS before your event. We cannot secure hiring dresses for longer than three months.

These prices are estimates for Cape Town and surrounding areas. We will have to quote you on the number of days the dress will be out of the studio if you are from another city.

Event Hiring Evening Dresses are priced R4000/R5000 +

Photoshoot Hiring Dresses are priced R2500 +
There is a R1000 holding deposit payable in cash on the day of collection that will be refunded on the day of return, should the terms of hiring be met.
Terms for refund will include no damage to the garment and returned on time.

Collect the dress the day before the event and return the day after.

*Alterations. T&C's apply.
*Unfortunately we don't make to hire. To make a dress, please book a consultation with Cindy. 
*Selected wedding dresses are available to hire and the prices differ from evening dresses. Please book a consultation with Cindy.
Please be realistic about what you want to spend on your dress, for it will save time and help us guide you to your perfect dress within your budget.
This is for photoshoots only. This does not include any alterations and is only valid for a one day photoshoot session, not an event.
Request another day and/or a specific date:
The holding deposit must be cash in an envelope that will be refunded if all the terms are met.
Your holding deposit will not be refunded if the garment is not returned on the return date.
Your holding deposit will not be refunded, and you will be invoiced for the total value of the garment or the repair thereof, if the garment gets stolen, damaged, or soiled beyond dry-cleaning while in your care.
Don’t use any props or flowers that can hook, damage, or soil the garment.
No candles or any type of fire allowed near the garment.
No animals on or near the garment. Their claws/paws will damage the garment and animals have a smell that doesn’t come out easily.
Avoid water, it might damage certain fabric.
Use Make-up and spray tan with care, it might stain the garment.
Do not wash or dry-clean the garment. We will arrange dry-cleaning.
ALTERATIONS: Remember that not all the dresses will fit perfectly. Some might be a bit too big or some too small. Alterations can be quoted for by booking an Alteration Appointment, or you can have it done closer to home. We cannot quote you on the day of your fitting appointment.  
Email to book an Alteration Appointment.
TIME MANAGEMENT: We prepare ahead for your fitting and take every client very seriously. Therefore, time management is of utmost importance to us. Being on time will enable us to give you our undivided attention when you visit the studio. Should you run late, we will have to reschedule your fitting as we cannot cut into another client’s time and it will be an extra fitting cost to you. If you are early, we ask you kindly to grab a coffee nearby and come back on the exact time we booked your appointment. *
REFUND POLICY: Weekday appointment cancellations must be done 4 weeks in advance, or you will not be refunded. Rescheduling a weekday appointment can be accommodated once. After hour (16h00-18h00) weekday and weekend appointment cancellations or rescheduling, will not be refunded, since we close at 16h00 and must make special arrangements for the later appointments. *
WEIGHT LOSS OR GAIN: You don’t need to be your goal weight at your first consultation, but you must be when we take your measurements or start your alterations. Should you start with a diet to lose or gain weight, start to exercise, and build muscle while we are busy with your dress, you will be liable for all the extra alteration costs (labour, fabric, etc.) to do additional work that was not originally quoted for. *
We know that this is a very exciting time for you and that you may wish to share this experience with a large group of family and friends but too many opinions will be confusing when we are trying to focus on your requirements.  You book time with us, to receive our expert advice and let us focus completely on you, your likes, your dislikes, body shape etc. You will try on a variety of dresses to get the style that suits your figure best. You will have lots of fun, but it's important to note that it’s not a TV show, where you stand in a dress to get the opinion of your guests. We encourage you to let your potential guests know of your ideas for your gown before your consultation. Everyone has their own taste, style and will give you their opinion of what you should wear. You will lose precious consultation time trying to convince your guests that you do not want lace or the opposite. We have had brides that did not take our advice and was in tears, confused and insecure because of all the opinions. Remember that not all the dresses will fit perfectly. Some might be too big, some too small and you will stand on display in front of everyone there. We also ask personal questions, like, what do you want to hide on your body or talk about tricks to get you looking slimmer, for example.

If you arrive by yourself or with one guest, it will be simpler to reach a clear understanding of your desires and to walk away perfectly happy. Ask yourself whose opinions truly matters and bring that guest with you. We do have wi-fi, so skype or facetime is possible of your favourite gown to your family, should they be abroad. Trust your gut and don’t stress, we will guide you through everything. Our studio is not pet or child-friendly due to delicate fabrics and exclusive gowns in the studio.

Taking photos of the dresses are not allowed, unless a dress has been purchased (please let your guests know). This is to protect the copy right of the designer’s work. We have had clients taking photos and having the dress made elsewhere. Lighting and bad angles also often distort the gown therefore giving a false impression.
We are located close to Canal Walk Mall and not inside the mall. You can park in front of our studio.
Our studio address: Unit E7, 1st Floor, Century Square, Heron Crescent, Century City, Cape Town.
At boom gate, tell the security you are here to see Cindy Bam and ask for an available customer parking.
We are looking forward saying ‘YES TO THE DRESS’ with you. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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