REEDS & ROOTS Instructor Application 2018

Welcome workshop leaders! Thank you so much for your interest in sharing your knowledge with us. This will be the FIRST ANNUAL Reeds & Roots Skillshare!! We are excited for you to join us August 18th & 19th at Camp Whitewood in Windsor, Ohio.

Please fill out the application below, and our workshop team will be in contact with you.

We are welcoming teachers of all levels to propose workshops geared toward sharing skills for earth-friendly living. Some examples include natural building, survival skills/bushcraft, herbalism, permaculture and gardening, food preparation and preservation, community building workshops. In addition we hope to offer crafts such as woodworking, leather working, basketry, blacksmithing, as well as anything else you believe promotes a sustainable lifestyle and a strengthened connection with our regional community and natural environment.

We hope to create a balance of instructors from different locations, teaching practices and backgrounds. preference will be given to those throughout the northeast Ohio region. Due to our unique location with diverse communities, we are looking for a variety of classes that cross cultural boundaries between those of us living in the city and those living in more rural areas. We also strongly encourage inter-generational connections, child-friendly workshops and activities, and the development of leadership skills through youth-led workshops! In addition, you may have skills that lend themselves to activities such as costume or music making, wellness practices and plant identification or bird watching, just to make a few. Please keep all of your skills in mind when applying, there may be more than one spot for you. We know that everyone has some sort of skill to share so let's hear it – what's yours!?

Workshops will be offered in a morning block from 10am - 12pm and an afternoon block from 1pm - 5pm with a break for lunch. The afternoon block offers a longer 4 hour time slot appropriate for more in-depth or off-site classes, and two 2 hour time slots, one for workshops and one for free-time and/or self-organizing. You can see the weekend schedule on our website for more details. When filling out the application please indicate all time slots you will be available to teach your workshop, the more availability the better as we have many instructors to fit in. We will contact you once your workshop is finalized in the schedule.

Workshop Instructors who participate in the event will receive free admission for themselves, tent camping space for the weekend, breakfast and dinner on Saturday and Sunday, and if requested, vending space for any crafts, books, or earth-skills related products you would like to sell. If you also specialize in some performing art, storytelling, music-making or the like that you want to share at the event, please note it on your application. If you craft something that we can include in our instructor gift bags, please let us know as we may be able to purchase your items as a gift offering for our volunteer teachers.

While we cannot offer to purchase materials from everyone, please bear in mind that compensation for your involvement far exceeds monetary value. Reeds & Roots offers the opportunity to network with like-minded souls, to promote yourself, your business or craft, to make a lasting impact on our growing community of earth-centered wisdom seekers and a vital exchange of positive energy and growth.

If you have any questions about the event, application, site logistics, or anything else, please feel free to contact us at You can also contact Zoe, Workshop Coordinator, at 216.952.8061 if that works better for you. Please leave a message if she does not answer.

We also encourage you to share this application with anyone you know who may be interested in contributing to the event either as a workshop instructor or an activity leader. We are always looking for skilled, passionate people to enrich our community and add to our collective knowledge base.

Much love and many thanks from your Reeds & Roots Workshop Team!

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