4th Grade Parent Engagement Survey 2018-2019
Please take a moment to complete this parent survey about our Parent & Family Engagement Program and the School Compact. We will use your feedback to make changes and revisions for the 2019-2020 school year.
1. What is your relationship to the student? *
2. Teachers regularly communicate with me (newsletters, notes, phone calls, emails, meetings, etc.). *
3. I understand what my child needs to know before he or she can go to the next grade? *
4. Have you used PowerSchool Parent to check your child's grades online this school year? *
5. If you answered "no" to #4, why not?
6. What topics would you like discussed at Lunch-n-Learn and Academic Night? (Check all that apply.) *
7. What prevents you from attending more school functions, activities, and planning events? (Check all that apply.) *
8. Do you feel welcome at your child's school? *
9. If you answered "no" to #8, why?
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10. The school communicates openly and clearly with parents. *
11. The school values me as a parent. *
12. The school wants to work with me so that together we can help my child succeed. *
13. Teachers have informed me of my child's strengths and weaknesses in the classroom.
14. Does the school provide activities, events, and workshops that help you prepare your child to be successful in school? *
15. Does the school connect students and families with resources in the community when they are needed? (ex. health and counseling services, civic organizations, food/clothing banks, etc.)? *
16. Do you know who to contact if you have questions about your child's education? *
17. How would you like to see the Parent and Family Engagement funds used at your child's school? (Check all that apply.) *
18. Parents, teachers, and staff are working together as partners to educate our students. How can teachers help build better relationships with you and other parents and families?
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19. Did you sign a School Compact at the beginning of the school year? *
20. Has your child's teacher discussed the School Compact with you during a parent teacher conference? *
21. The following are parent responsibilities listed on the compact. Check all the items that you have been able to complete so far this school year: *
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