Rainbow Guest House Application
House Guidelines and Fees
1. Usage of the Rainbow Guest House by a group neither implies nor grants endorsement of the group or its activities by the Church.
2. Tobacco, illegal drugs and gambling are prohibited in the Rainbow Guest House and on Church property.
3. Irresponsible consumption of alcohol within the Rainbow Guest House is prohibited. Please be considerate of other guests and residents who are also staying in the Rainbow Guest House.
4. Quiet hours for the Rainbow Guest House are from 10pm to 9am.

Facility and Furnishings
1. No doors or hallways shall be blocked.
2. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are for community use. All dishes and other items are to be cleaned and put away when finished.
3. All rooms must be returned to the condition in which they were found. Tables should be wiped down and trash thrown away. There will be an extra charge if additional janitorial services are needed.
4. Lights should be turned off and the doors should be locked if you are the last to leave the room/house. Return key to the House Manager upon leaving or leave in bedroom on desk.
5. No tape or thumbtacks are to be used on painted or papered walls. Removable double-sided poster tape or masking tape may be used on doors, wood walls, or mirrors. Any wall decorations, flip chart paper or other items attached to walls, windows or mirrors must be removed when finished, along with any remaining residue. If you have questions about decorating or about visual presentation, please contact the House Manager for guidance.
6. Physical damage to the Rainbow Guest House or its furnishings will be repaired, and the cost billed to the group or person(s) that was using the house when the damage was done.

1. A House Application must be completed and the date scheduled with the House Manager.
2. This Application will be provided and the attached acknowledgement form must be signed and returned to the House Manager.
3. Deposits must be paid at the time the reservation is scheduled. A full refund is available if the reservation is cancelled at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled stay. The remaining balance is to be paid upon arrival. Deposits will not be accepted until one year before the date of the event. Checks, cash or money orders are acceptable forms of payment. Checks should be written payable to “Rainbow Mennonite Church” with “Rainbow Guest House” in the subject line.

$20 per person per night; or $35 per room

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