Cultural Registration would like to Welcome you all for your Deepavali Kondattam 2019
cultural Registration.

Event Date: Saturday, November 2nd, 2019
Address:​ Valley High School, 1801 South Greenville Street, Santa Ana, CA 92704

Registration Guidelines:
1) Please provide all information accurately as possible.
2) All registrations will be reviewed by our cultural committee and changes at a later time is subject to approval.
3) No SOLO performance is allowed.
4) Adult/Kid can participate in a maximum of TWO (2) programs in different categories ONLY and is subject to cultural committee approval.
5) Program, dialogues and costumes must be appropriate for event.
6) Except for Drama, all programs are restricted to 4 mins + 1 min
7) Please do not ask for separate slots by splitting this time
8) If audio is required for the program, then audio file in .MP3 format only (if applicable < 10 MB) should be provided to cultural committee 10 days prior to the event.
9) Participants info needs to be provided to cultural committee 14 days prior to the event, which will be reviewed by the cultural committee for approval.
10) The order of the events decided by the cultural committee will be final and will be announced on the day of the event at the venue.
11) If you miss your slot, your entry will be moved to a later time depending on time availability. If the slot is missed due to unforeseen circumstances, cultural committee will review and will try to accommodate, but not a guarantee.
12) Participating kids need to be accompanied by an adult for the event and must be checked in before going to backstage.
13) Participating adults for the event must be checked in and should have ticket before going to backstage.
14) Registrations will be closed as soon as the slots fill up and no new registrations will be accepted later.
15) The cultural committee reserves the right to decline any program request based on program content, time duration, violation of any agreed guidelines etc.,
16) may use the pictures/video taken at the event in any of the publications, including website, newsletters, other communications etc.

Yours Sincerely, Cultural Team
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