Design for Diversity: Idea Submission
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How can we design information systems accounting for diverse cultural materials and ways of knowing? Explore via an IMLS-funded grant project based at the Northeastern University Libraries' Digital Scholarship Group.
Propose a Case Study
We are inviting case studies to be used as background for the forum discussion and as materials for the teaching and learning toolkit. To propose a case study, please provide a brief (3-5 sentences) description of the work the case study would focus on. The full case study (750-2500 words) should provide a concrete, detailed discussion of a specific case and an analysis of what can be learned from it. We are interested in experiments you have implemented, projects that have failed or succeeded in revealing ways, work you feel others could build on. Case studies might focus on any aspect of the general problem we are focused on: “How can we design information systems accounting for diverse cultural materials and ways of knowing?” Please see the full description for more detailed information about deadlines, publication, and format for the case studies:
Submit a Reading or Project
We are building a list of foundational readings in this area. Please tell us about any previous research or work in this area we should know about: articles, books, blogs, standards, projects, assignments, or anything else.
Test the Toolkit
Help us test the Toolkit in January 2019! If you are interested in using it in your classroom or workplace, please describe how and leave us your email below.
Become a Critical Review Partner
Commit to reviewing draft versions of the resources and reports we produce as part of this project. We will add you to a private email list, and only ask that you spend a few hours with the document(s) of your choice.
Additional Comments or Questions
If you are willing to let us contact you if we have follow-up questions, please leave your name and email.
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