Lake County Food Safety Inspection Online Reporting Survey

The Lake County General Health District (LCGHD) is required to conduct food safety inspections at all licensed food locations such as restaurants, bars, grocery and convenience stores, bakeries, schools, hotels, and other retail businesses. Recently the LCGHD began posting the results of these food safety inspections online on their website

The purpose of this survey is to determine if the public is aware these reports are available for review and if the results of the inspections will alter your habits as a diner or shopper. Thank you for your participation.

    Research Survey Information Sheet

    About the Survey. The purpose of this research survey is to help us understand your reaction to the change in the food safety inspection process. This survey will take you 5 minutes or less to complete. Responses to this survey are being collected and analyzed by a Cleveland State University graduate student, Ms. Andrea Aaby, as part of her Master’s in Public Health program with supervision by Nancy Niehus, Director of Environmental Health at Lake County General Health District (LCGHD) and Don Allensworth-Davies, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences at Cleveland State University. If you have any questions about this survey you may contact Nancy Niehus at (440) 350-2543, Andrea Aaby at (216) 444-1152 or Don Allensworth-Davies at (216) 687-3833 on weekday. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and you may refuse to answer any question. Results from this survey may be used in future publications and/or presentations. All survey results used in publications or presentations will be reported as summary tables. All survey responses are completely anonymous and the survey will not collect nor link to any information that can identify you. Risks/Benefits. The expected risks of this study are the potential for a loss of confidentiality and discomfort when answering the survey questions. To help prevent these risks from occurring, survey responses are being collected anonymously so that your individual responses cannot be identified or linked in any way to you. In addition, your participation in the survey is voluntary and you can refuse to answer any question that makes you feel uncomfortable. The risks associated with this survey are no more than everyday living. While there is no direct benefit to you as a survey respondent, results of this survey will help LCGHD better serve you and your community. Privacy. Your privacy is very important to us and for this reason, the survey does not collect personally sensitive information nor will any identifiable information or links to identifiable information be retained or recorded as part of the survey data. Data from this survey will be stored on a password protected computer and will only be accessible to Andrea Aaby, Nancy Niehus, and Don Allensworth-Davies. I understand that I have any questions about my rights as a research subject I can contact the CSU Institutional Review Board at (216) 687-3630.
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