GreenPoint Rated: Advisor and Rater Application
The following information will be used by the Education Department to determine the GreenPoint Rated systems (New Home, Existing Home Single Family, and Existing Home Multifamily) for which you are eligible to earn a Rater or Advisor certification. Please note that eligibility does not guarantee you will become certified as a Rater or Advisor. All eligible participants must also take the appropriate trainings and pass the necessary exams before being awarded the Rater or Advisor certification. Learn about eligibility requirements (
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Section - Other Information
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Section - Application Information
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Section - Experience
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I have the following home performance experience. Check all that apply. *
Home performance experience is not required for GreenPoint Rated Core & New Home applicants
I have completed at least four (4) field tests for blower door and/or duct leakage. *
Blower door/duct leakage experience is not required for GreenPoint Rated Core & New Home applicants.
I have at least 2 year of experience working on multifamily buildings. *
Multifamily experience is only required for GreenPoint Rated Existing Home Multifamily applicants.
Section - Petition
If you answered "N/A" for any of the "Experience" questions above, please submit a cover letter and resume to Build It Green explaining why you are qualified to participate in the GreenPoint Rated program. Documents should be sent to
I answered "N/A" for one or more of the "Experience" questions above and am submitting a petition. *
Section - Terms of Service
I allow Build It Green to publically display my contact information on Build It Green's online Certified Professionals Directory *
I agree that the above information provided is true and that if any of the information provided is deemed false at a future date, Build It Green as the right to revoke all Build It Green certifications that were issued to you based on the information provided above. See the Terms and Conditions for further details. *
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