Allen Park Parks and Recreation Master Plan Questionnaire
Question 1: Parks and Recreation facilities and programs are important to the quality of life in Allen Park.
Question 1A: How would you rate our Parks, Programs and Facilities? (1 being low, 5 being high)
Question 2: Do our existing facilities and recreation programs meet your needs?
Question 3: If No, why or why not?
Your answer
Question 4: How often have you or a member of your household visited a park located in the City of Allen Park?
At least once a week
A few times a month
Once a month
Several times per year
Not at all
BOCCABELLA (E. of Rosedale, between Regina & McLain)
THOMAS BRAND (W. of Laurence, between Morris & Paris)
CHAMPAIGN (S. of Champaign, E. of Pelham)
COMMUNITY/JAYCEE (E. of Gahona, between Philomene & Ecorse)
KENNEDY (E. of Shenandoah, between Euclid & Anne)
MILLWARD/ROTARY (E. of Park, between Rose & Goddard)
MOORE (N. of Moore, between Carter & Becker)
PRETTY FAMILY (W. of Quandt, S. of Regina)
REIL (W. of Arno, between Hanfor & O'Connor)
RILEY (E. of VIne, N. of Maylawn)
TELLER (E. of Roger, between Euclid & Arlington)
BRIER RABBIT (S. of Wick, between Morris & Paris)
CUNNINGHAM (N. of Pinecrest, between Southfield & Buckingham)
GINGER BREAD (W. of Wall, between Morris & College)
GINGHAM DOG (N. of Cicotte, W. of Larme)
HANSEL AND GRETEL (N. of Moore, between Fox and Laurence)
DUDA/KIWANIS (W. of Park, between Thomas & Markese)
HUMPTY DUMPTY (E. of Laurence, N. of Arlington)
LAPHAM (S. of Horger, E. of Lapham)
PANHANDLE (E. of Pelham, between Wick & Moore)
SUDMAN (N. of Philomene, between Kolb & Cortland)
SUGAR PLUM (E. of Allen, S. of Hanover)
Question 5: Why do you visit our parks?
Question 6: How do you get to our Parks?
Question 7: What amenities would you like to see added in our parks?
High Priority
Medium Priority
Low Priority
Not Needed
Outdoor fitness equipment
Skateboard Park
Basketball Courts
Pickleball Courts
Tennis Courts
Dog Park
Picnic areas/Shelters
Picnic Tables
Playground Equipment
Small children play areas
Question 8: How would you rate the following?
No Opinion
Number and size of Parks
Condition of Parks
Condition of Facilities
Condition of Park Amenities
Variety of Park Activities
Amount of flexible green (open) space in parks
Quality of sports fields and courts
Variety of recreation programs
Variety of art and cultural events
Question 9: Do you use our Community Center?
Question 9A: If NO, why?
Your answer
Question 10: When visiting the Allen Park Community Center, what activities do you participate in?
Question 11: Besides a Fitness Center, Ice Rink, Meeting Rooms, what other amenities would you like to see at our Community Center?
Your answer
Question 12: Please indicate which of the following recreation facilites are most important to you for Allen Park to plan for and maintain?
High Priority
Medium Priority
Low Priority
Not Needed
Fitness Center (includes Walking Track)
Indoor Gym (for basketball, volleyball, pickleball)
Meeting Rooms
Meals on Wheels
Outdoor Park Playgrounds
Outdoor Park Athletic Fields
Outdoor Park Walking Paths
None of the above
Question 13: What events have you attended in the last 12 months? Check all that apply
Question 14: What Special Events would you like to see happen in Allen Park?
Question 15: What youth programs have your children participated in during the last 12 months? Please check all that apply
Question 16: What other children's programs would you like to see offered?
Your answer
Question 17: What Adult programs have you participated in during the last 12 months. Check all that apply
Question 18: What other adult programs would you like to see offered?
Your answer
Question 19: What Senior Programs (age 55 and older) have you participated in during the last 12 months?
Question 20: What other Senior Programs would you like to see offered?
Your answer
Question 21: Did you know there is a SMART bus transportation service that will transport Seniors (age 50 and older) and individuals with disabilities to the Allen Park Community Center?
Question 22: The Recreation Department MAY be offering a mobile recreation program next summer that will bring recreation equipment and activities to neighborhood parks. The focus of this program will be to encourage kids to participate in fun games, sports, and activities. The benefits of health, physical activity, positive peer interaction and good sportsmanship will be promoted. This program may include: sports, group games, cardio, hula hoops, scooter carts, jumbo balls, agility ladders, giant tunnels, oversized game boards, sidewalk chalk, arts and craft activities, music in the park, dance, creative fun, read along programs and much more! What additional equipment or program ideas would you like to see added to the mobile recreation program?
Your answer
Question 22A: If the mobile recreation program were to be implemented, would you allow the children in your family to participate?
Question 22B: If NO, why?
Your answer
Question 23: Do you have any other suggestions or comments about Parks and Recreation in the City of Allen Park?
Your answer
Question 24: How do you register for programs with Allen Park Recreation?
Question 25: Are you an Allen Park Resident?
Question 26: Your gender is:
Question 27: Your age is:
Question 28: how would you describe your household?
Question 29: What's the best way to inform you of our events, programs, and services?
Question 30: Would you like to be contacted in order to discuss your opinions further?
If YES, please include your name and phone number (including area code)
Your answer
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