EYP Switzerland's Christmas Dinner 2017 in Zurich - Registration Form
After last year's success, we would like to invite you also in 2017 to EYP Switzerland's annual Christmas Event, in the heart of the vibrant city of Zurich and a probably unmatched density of Swiss EYPers at one spot. To join the exclusive club, just fill in the form below.

We'll have a delicious christmas dinner first at the Restaurant Commihalle where we will have time to look back on a successful year of EYP and look forward to the promising EYP-year 2018 with other alumni from all over Switzerland. After dinner, we will all together visit the famous christmas market in the train station Zürich, enjoying a well-deserved glass of mulled wine.

The festivities will commence on Saturday, 9 December 2016 at 18:00 here:

Restaurant Commihalle
Stampfenbachstrasse 8
8001 Zürich

The restaurant is only a five minute walk from the Zurich main station so no need for you to take public transportation within the city of Zurich.

Participation is free for members of EYP Switzerland. Whilst every participant will cover one's own meal, EYP CH will offer each of you one drink (no alcohol above 15%), either at the restaurant or later at the christmas market.
In case you want to check out the menu beforehand, you can find the link here: https://www.commercio.ch/media/ch_speisekarte_e_okt_17.pdf

Sign up using the form below until Sunday, 3 December. PLEASE respect the registration deadline as we have to confirm the definite number of people to the restaurant. If you have any questions, please get in touch with eleonore.bleeker@eyp.ch

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Keep in mind that this event is only accessible for members of EYP Switzerland, i.e. we will verify if you are on our member list. You are a member of EYP Switzerland in 2017 if you: 1) either participated as a delegate in our National Selection Conference Lausanne 2017 or one of our Regional Sessions in 2017 or 2) paid your 30 CHF membership fee for 2017. If you have not become a member yet, you need to do so on http://eyp.ch/membership-form/ prior to completing registration.
There's some empty space below. You can fill it in in case you feel the above registration form did not adequately correspond to your urgent need of telling us more about you.
Leave a comment, tell us if you know you cannot make it on time to the Christmas Party, let us know your most important Christmas wish, elaborate about your most exotic food allergy...
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