Building Maroonage: Direct Support Signup
Do you live in a community directly impacted by hurricanes and would like to receive additional supplies and resources in preparation for the 2018 hurricane season? Please share your information below and we will contact you. The supplies we can provide ahead of a hurricane are:

1. Solar chargers with flashlight
2. Bleach tablets
3. Tarp
4. Water purification tablets
5. Air mattress or floatation device

We can also provide direct funds via money apps like PayPal, Vanmo, or Cash.Me. Please see the list below. All information is confidential unless required for necessary public support building.

About Building Maroonage: Direct Support

Direct support is long-term, sustained care for people in crisis. We are reimagining the traditional tools of direct giving and philanthropy to create a community-sustained model that’s more than just a transaction. (This is why we do not call it direct giving.)

Direct support empowers people and communities to connect and share resources without government entities and nonprofit organizations. Direct support meets the needs of communities vulnerable under the Trump administration, proactively ensuring families have what they need to prepare for crises. Direct support is most especially relevant during the hurricane season. (It was before, during, and after Hurricane Irma when the strategies in this toolkit were tested.)

We focuses on hurricane support in the United States (including Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands) and how to directly support communities impacted by the 2018 hurricane season. Through social media; online tools like Amazon registries, chat apps, and mobile cash-sharing apps, we can radically build Maroonage. Support includes but is not limited to: funding, supplies, and skill-sharing and is the short-term and long-term.

Organized by Dancing for Justice founder Brittany Williams and Coalition to Support Racial Organizing founder Annie Schoening. We all we got! This is how we change the culture.
The organizers
Brittany and Annie
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