Creative thinking for workers Quiz
The following tool is a quiz to evaluate the learnings on the problem solving competence and creative thinking for workers based on the contents of the Tolbox for Migrants. Please select True or false.
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Put in the right order the 5 problem solving steps:1. Decide on a solution, 2. Define a problem, 3. Brainstorm ideas, 4. Evaluate solutions, 5. Implement the solution. *
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Performance techniques can contribute to learn how to describe a problem creatively *
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Discussion about how teams arrive at decisions will make people think about the skills they must use in future problem solving exercises *
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Put in the right order the following steps of a Problem Solving Technique to strengthen the creative thinking of a person: 1. Play, 2. Change perspective to a person, 3. Prime your mind, 4. Release and expose, 5. Exercise your idea muscle, 6. Change perspective across fields. *
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