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You are invited to write what you most deeply want from, or for our St. Ignatius Parish faith community.

We believe that an avenue into understanding God's will for us is to pay attention to our deepest and holiest desires. This is what we hope to hear from you with regard to our parish. One way to get there is to ask, "If the Holy Spirit had complete reign here, what would our parish look like?" (NB: This is not the place for suggestion or complaints [see the Pastor] or our intentions [see the book at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.]) We hope that you write desires that are more than just practical, but that you consider what we want to become as vibrant parish community in the twenty-first century, what our identify together could look like.
What are your holy desires for our parish, asking the Holy Spirit to help us discern how s/he is speaking through you? *
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