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YEi Start in France is an one-week program designed to help tech startups to develop their project in France and grow their business in Europe. It provides an intensive training in Paris and one free immersion week in France that will allow laureates to benefit from of an extensive customized business network and connections with the best resources in France in their fields. The competition accepts applications from startups incorporated in the US, Italy, South Africa, Taiwan, Finland and South Korea.

1. Who’s eligible?

You are eligible if you are an innovative tech-company (ideally Series preA – A - B) established in South Korea with the following criteria:
- Less than 30 employees
- Less than $2 million in annual revenue
- Participant coming to France should speak English or French

If you don’t fit the requirements but still want to apply, or have question about the application process in your country please contact

2. Timeline

May 31st: Application deadline
June: Announcement of the laureates
November 5-9: Immersion week in France

More information:

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Business model, Market and Resources
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Does your company hold any intellectual property (brand, patent, software, etc.) in Korea, in Europe / France? *
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Your perspectives in France
Has your company already been involved in market or product development in France? (or in another country outside Korea? What activities have you launched abroad?) *
Have you been or are you in contact with companies, institutions or research centers in or from France? For what purpose? *
Please explain why you are considering France for your venture? (Recommended: Explain your ties with France as well as the match between your value proposition and establishing a business in France, as you perceive it.) *
What activities do you ideally plan to undertake in France? (Create a startup, establish a subsidiary of a company already created, establish a new R&D group, etc.). Within what time frame? *
What challenges or barriers do you perceive / expect / have experienced in setting up your business in France? What resources would you need to succeed? *
Given the information you know about France, do you have already identified any location (except Paris) which will be most appropriate for your business? If yes, please specify.
In which areas would you like the YEi program to provide support? (Business environment, labor regulation information, specific cost estimates, public or private financing, partnerships, etc.) *
Founding team and advisors / investors
Please share some background information on your team members *
Does anyone on your team speak French? Who? Specify French level (1 = beginner, 2 = Intermediate, 3 = Fluent 4 = Native Speaker) *
If your company is selected, who from the company team will come to France? PS: Only one participant can benefit of the free immersion week in France. A second person of the team can join the program but should pay for the fees (airfare, accommodation, transport) *
Please tell us about current or anticipated scientific advisory or management board if any (optional)
What is the position of your advisors and investors on expanding abroad? (optional)
You can attach resumes (PDF version) for key members of the management team
Additional information
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Citizenship *
How did you hear about the YEi program? *
Do you have any additional comments? (Business or personal ties to France ? YEi process ? Etc.)
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