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To learn more about joining, visit the "Join the Team" page on our website: http://jamsquadcycling.org/get-involved/join-the-team/
The JAMSQUAD Mission: One Kid. One Bike.
Just a few of the happy faces we see at our events.
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We will never share your information with anyone. The only exception is that we do share your email address with the rest of the team via our Google Group.
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Elite and club team members are asked to volunteer twice per year. Volunteer-only members are welcome to help us as much or as little as they are able. Every bit of help is appreciated!
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Tell us about yourself!
Tell us about you: why you want to join JAMSQUAD, how you'd like to help our charity, and so on. If you are interested in the elite team, please include your race resume.
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Membership Requirements & Code of Conduct
1. You must volunteer for at least two charity events per year. These can be bike workshop days, advocacy events, race organization, and so on.

2. You will represent our organization and our sponsors with integrity and class at all times.

3. When racing, you will wear the JAMSQUAD kit with pride. (Elite Team only)

4. Lastly, and most importantly: you will display good sportsmanship and proper cycling conduct at all times.

Anyone who does not adhere to our membership requirements or exhibits conduct detrimental to our organization will be subject to removal from the club based on a decision by the club officers. We take our reputation very seriously and want to make sure that only individuals with high integrity and strong values are a part of our organization.

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