Scholarship and Work Study Application
We at Electric Nomad believe deeply in the power of dance to transform people's lives. We also know that fees make classes inaccessible to some folks, and we want to help. We know what it is like to struggle, and are determined to provide help to those who need it. Please fill out this brief form and message Twila at, or text at (804) 549-3982 to let her know you've completed this form and are ready to move forward with dance. See you soon!
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By filling out this form, I acknowledge that I am in a financial situation that prevents me from paying for dance classes in part or full at Electric Nomad. If I am able, I will participate in work study, and if my situation changes at a later date, I will let Twila know, so that room can be made for other students who may also need assistance. I understand that if I receive financial assistance, I will treat my classes with the same responsibility and dedication that I would if I were paying full price. I understand that the gift of scholarship is one that is given with love and an understanding of the human condition, and that there is nothing to be ashamed of in asking for help. *
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