Coaching Request Form For Running (My 2019 Goals)
Runners club is a platform for Runners to achieve a healthy Family life through running and specifically by targeting a Full Marathon. Though a Full Marathon could be a dream when you join the club.

All Runners opting for coaching have to submit a Blood report to set the baseline, The Blood report should have ESR, CRP, Homocysteine, lipid profile, CBC and Sugar profile

As a Runner and part of Runners Club you will have chance to get coach in three dimensions Physical, Nutrition and Mind.

Physical Coaching is absolutely FREE for all runners and it includes the Goal setting, Running Plan, Dressing, Shoes, Pain management and lot of motivation and fun. Pre and post run meal diet guidance. Hydration before, during and after run. Pre-run warmup and post run stretches. During Practice and events runs strategy, directly or by mentors or through WhatsApp group. Different running formats and support for same. Coach expect all Runners to upload the Data in Strava Runners Club Group and in your personal Coaching sheet at least on weekly basis. Please let coach know if for any reason you are not joining Training. Based on your level you may have mentor within group.

Cycling and swimming are used as cross training and there is no coaching for the same.

Nutrition coaching targets a specific condition, Speed and endurance. This is paid service by Coach and there is no compulsion for any runner to opt for it. Coach Uday and Shilpa both are Nutritional Advisor. Also Coach Uday is student of Integrative Dietics at Pune University, where he is learning integration of Modern Nutrition and Ayurveda. To start Nutrition Coaching a Detail Medical report, Body composition parameters are consider as Baseline. All Runners though get chance to attend FREE three hours Nutrition and Wellness workshop by Coach.

Running is reflection of your belief system. You will run the way you live your life because mind controls the Body. Coach Uday and Shilpa are NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coach. Mind Coaching helps Runners to change some behaviour and hence the flexibility in running and in Life. This is again a paid service, however as a part of Runners club you get one mind session free. There is no compulsion for Runners to opt for Mind Coaching.

Runners club maintains a fund to carry out expenses such as hydration and food support during long runs, monthly birthday and achievements celebration, RCCR initiative etc. At the start of the year we collect fund using crowd funding. One can contribute in this fund as per their will, however no compulsion to pay.

Annual party: Runners club hold annual party to celebrate past year performance. We expect every runner to join this celebration with family . It cost Rs 600-800 / person based on location.
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