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Thanks for your interest in being a Coding it Forward Campus Ambassador!

Coding it Forward's Campus Ambassadors are leaders at top schools around the country, spreading the word about technology for social good around their campus and helping get more students engaged in Coding it Forward. As an ambassador, you can run official Coding it Forward-recognized projects, hackathons, and clubs; write for our blog; apply for grants; help design our website and branding; help plan our future programs like the Civic Digital Fellowship; and more.

We'll provide you with the mentors (we have professors, nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, and more advising us), connections (there are over 800 students from schools across the country on our Facebook group), advising, digital resources and infrastructure (from GitHub to our large mailing lists), and possibly funding to help you make your dreams a reality. Not to mention that you'll get a prime spot on our website and the ability to say that you served on the board of a nonprofit.

You can find a list of current Campus Ambassadors and other Coding it Forward leaders at

Please fill out this quick application, and we'll be in touch shortly. Email if you have questions or concerns!

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Why do you want to be a Coding it Forward Campus Ambassador?
You can read about what Campus Ambassadors do at the top of this page, and you can learn more about Coding it Forward at
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What kind of tech for social good-related projects would you want to do as an ambassador at your school? (Clubs, hackathons, speaker series, etc.)
If you're already doing this kind of thing at your school, awesome! Tell us about that too.
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What kind of tech for social good-related things have you done? (Projects, internships, apps, clubs, etc.)
"Tech for social good" means using technology to make an impact in fields like education, government, healthcare, human rights, and more (anything that improves the human condition!)
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As a Campus Ambassador, you'll be required to lead events and do outreach on campus, check in with other Coding it Forward leaders at occasional meetings, help other Ambassadors and leaders with their projects, and be an active member of our online communities like Facebook. If selected as an ambassador, will you commit to doing these things?
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