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MENTORSHIP (8th Grade)
Please explain why you are interested in being a Mentor in the Significant Support Needs (SSN) program, including any experience you have had working with kids who have special needs.
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Please write a paragraph about why you are interested in being on the yearbook staff and the skills and experience you have which would make you a valuable staff member. Give specific examples of your qualifications.
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TEACHER AIDE (8th Grade)
Please explain why you are interested in being a teacher aide, and include your top three choices for where you’d like to be placed (main office, counseling center, gym, specific team, or specific teacher).
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VISUAL ARTS 2 (8th Grade)
Please list what art class you have already completed with Mrs. Farris. In addition, please describe the type of art you make at home and what kinds of projects are you looking forward to making in Visual Art Level 2.
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