CosXPo Championship 2020 Application
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Participants who are under the age of 18 years, must have written consent from a Parent or Legal Guardian. Consent must be sent to prior to 1st April 2020.
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Detailed description with stage directions of your performance plan. This will only be for the stage crew to ensure changeovers will go smoothly and there will be no surprises. (For example, will it be a comedy act or a dramatic performance, will there be stage props? If so please list the dimensions of the props with 3 max. and their preferred location on stage. Stage Prop location and details shall be re-confirmed via email with a successful application and on the day of the event)
Notable things about you or the costume
Please try to list 3 or more interesting facts! (not required)
Any special requirements
Please list in detail if you have any requirements you may need for your performance.
Please confirm that your costume shall be the solo work of the entrant, 75% or higher, and if you have received help ​from​ ​friends​ ​or​ ​family​, or have any commissioned pieces (e.g. wigs) ​please state below. *
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