The Intersection of CX and CS
Thank you for taking the time to provide your valuable insights and opinions on this topic. There are no right or wrong answers. I'm simply seeking to conduct a temperature check on how professionals in our industry are thinking about these two areas. I'll be aggregating insights in an article/white paper for the benefit of all of us who are working to advance this profession.

I'll reach out directly to schedule some time either in person or via phone to discuss your responses in more detail (unless you don't want me to). Consider this a forum for you to provide your thoughts in advance of our discussion if you choose.

I look forward to reviewing your ideas! Please contact me directly if you have questions/concerns about this survey.

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How do you define Customer Experience and Customer Success?
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Are there specific boundaries or lines of ownership that you draw between CX and CS?
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Factoring in company size and maturity, how do you see these functions residing within a corporate organizational structure?
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What other thoughts/beliefs do you have about the intersection of CX and CS (that we haven't captured here)?
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Please share business examples when you have seen CX and CS effectively working together.
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