Northland Connect Registration
This registration form is to be completed by everyone participating in the Northland Connect programme. Applicants may get assistance from their programme provider in completing the form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Northland Connect is for people who have low or no education qualifications, so please check with your provider that you are eligible before completing this form.

"You" in the questions means "the person registering for the programme".
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Contact details
Information we need to contact you and for running the programme.
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Other information
Any other information you wish to add for this programme. (The box will get bigger as you type.)
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Promotion *
To take part in the Northland Connect programme, I declare that:
- I have not participated in the Northland Connect programme before
- I will take care of the computer
- I will attend 30 hours training
- I will not open suspicious emails or software which may contain viruses
- I will help make the internet a family activity
- I will ask the Northland Connect team for technical support if the computer is not working
- I agree to be contacted and interviewed for research purposes
- I agree that information about my participation in the programme can be sent to Statistics NZ, the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education Commission, ACE Aotearoa and other Government agencies where it will be used for research and evaluation purposes only
- I agree to 20/20 Trust utilising group text or email to receive updates on my learning journey.
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