Make payment for each of the pinewood derby racing cars you are racing. The cost is $10 per pinewood derby racing car. You can make payment with CASH or CHECK made out to JOEL REDFEARN included in your shipping box. If paying by Paypal send payment to All proxy cars must be received before the race begins. Use the proper shipping method to ensure on time delivery. Mail all proxy cars to the following addresses depending on preferred carrier.

Cars sent through USPS send to:
Joel Redfearn
PO Box 910158
ST. GEORGE, UT 84791-0158

Cars sent through FedEx or UPS send to:
Joel Redfearn
2702 E. Rasmussen Dr.
ST. GEORGE, UT 84790

If you are racing your pinewood derby car BY PROXY then you MUST INCLUDE a return shipping label. DO NOT SEND STAMPS FOR RETURN SHIPMENT or your pinewood derby cars will not be returned. You will not be able to get a return label at the post office so you MUST GO TO and setup an account and print the return label and include it with your cars. This entire process only take minutes to do and will save you time and money. When printing you return label make sure and use this address as the shipper information:

2702 E. Rasmussen Dr.
ST. GEORGE, UT 84790

Also if you are racing your pinewood derby car by PROXY it is required that you use proper shipping methods to ensure your pinewood derby car arrives safely but also to ensure we can unpack and repack it safely and in a timely manner. It is imperative that you use a safe and tested style of Shipping boxes. Make sure the foam is cut to exactly hold the pinewood derby car! If it is loose you will have a high chance of damage. Please do not create puzzle packing jobs, use tape, or lots of hardware to remove. Please take the few minutes extra to secure the cars you worked so hard on in a proper manner.

Make sure you label the bottom of your pinewood derby racing car with your builder name and car name. Also label the shipping box made for it with the same information.

If you are coming live the races are held at:
2702 E. Rasmussen Dr.
St. George, UT 84790

Fill out the following form and submit it before race day. By submitting the form you agree to the following terms. You agree to abide by the terms, rules and regulations of this event. If there is accidental damage, lost or stolen pinewood derby cars NPWDRL will negotiate a fair restitution cost. Your builder and pinewood derby car names, pictures and videos may be used for promotional purposes. You are responsible for all entry fees and shipping charges to and from the race. Pinewood Derby Cars will not be mailed back without a prepaid return shipping label. We are not responsible for damage due to shipping.
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