National Recreation Trail Ambassador Program Application
American Trails is seeking motivated volunteer Trail Ambassadors that are willing to visit as many of the National Recreation Trails in their region as possible over the next year, to gather data and identify issues on these great trails.

The National Recreation Trails (NRT) Program was created as a part of the National Trails System Act by congress in 1968. Since the first designations in 1971, 1,294 NRTs have been designated, including 21 National Water Trails (a subset of NRTs). There are over 26,000 miles of NRTs, and 3,878.7 miles of NWTs. Trail length ranges from less than a mile to a 1,500-mile water trail. There are NRTs in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

These NRTs make up some of America’s finest trails. They include trails for all users types (equestrian, atv/utv, motorcycle, snowmobile, hiking, mountain biking, etc.), are located in urban and rural settings, and are managed by a variety of Federal, State, and local managing agencies.

American Trails has managed the database of these unique trails and has launched a new program to organize Trail Ambassadors to inform, preserve, and protect these national treasures. If you would like to apply to be among the first cadre of NRT Ambassadors, please complete this form. You will be contacted by our staff as we develop the first group of Ambassadors. If you have questions, please contact American Trails at

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Are you willing to attend a digital training session that will give you further training in how to gather high quality data on the NRT system?
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