NShamimPRO (Waiting List)
We are recreating the NShamimPRO, its technology, and the existing videos. If you want to join, you have to wait. Remember, we don't offer any bullshit and never brag about it because people do that bragging/weight-lifting for NShamimPRO even without asking (that is the love everyone dreams of). And we will not allow everyone from now on..your identity will be cross-checked, your social appearance will be monitored and existing skills/internet-know-hows will be examined to offer you the enrollment. We are sorry but this is the only road we want to drive over to ensure maximum success rate in online coaching of this planet earth. (We are committing this because we know we can and pretty much already there to maximize it to the moon). And again, we'll knock you (over phone/email) once we are back again.
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