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Materials needed...

◦ Table cover

◦ Apron/ clothes that can get paint
◦ 2 brushes (big brush (1 inch )and a medium
◦ Plate for paint
◦ Canvas (11x14) or any size you want
◦ Pencil and eraser / chalk
◦ Easel (or something to prop up the canvas
◦ Cup with water
◦ Napkins/ paper towels
◦ Paint: deep yellow, chrome yellow, phthalo blue, violet, black, white, magenta.
In regards to the paint, you can change the colors if you wish and/or can get something closer to these colors, they do not have to be these exact ones but these are the correct names for the colors I used.
Also, you may mix magenta and blue to get purple/violet if you do not want to purchase violet. If purchasing paint, a small tube will do. We will be using only a little bit of each color.
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