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Gadget Hacks is looking for creative freelance journalists with an eye for human stories.
We're looking for freelancers to pitch smartphone-related music-focused features, essays, trend pieces, or interviews centered around a personality or human story. We're looking for story ideas that are unique, original, and deeply researched.

Here are some prompts for the types of stories we're interested in seeing pitches about... to get your creative juices flowing:

- Do you have an in with a famous music influencer about how they make the most out of their mobile device while on the road? Or how they create music, indulge their creativity, or write songs on their phones?
- Maybe a deep dive into how cell phones have created new types of musicians? New ways of being a musician?
- Are there certain apps that have helped create a new type of underground or aspiring musician? Interesting trends that are developing in these app communities?
- Tips from a professional musician on the best apps for making, consuming, or finding new music with your phone?
- Features based on interviews with audio, electrical, and software engineers on how they are redefining smartphone-based music and audio experiences and what the future will look like?
- Non-music audio angles could work -- maybe a human story about podcasting, or something about how a smartphone has changed how you (or someone else) interacts with the world of audio?

Gadget Hacks ( is a smartphone-focused tech site, aiming to show readers everything they can do with their phones in areas they're already obsessed with: movies, music, travel, social media, productivity, etc. We're looking to add more human-inspired stories to our coverage.

- Stories need to have a (positive) cell phone angle — if you don't like cell phones, you probably shouldn't be writing for a site focused on them!
- Stories should emphasize the theme of creating and consuming music and audio.
- Articles should aim to be 1500 to 3000 words. Article length will be decided upon assignment.
- Assignments will be finalized by May 17. Deadline for first drafts is May 31.
- You'll be required to go through the editing process with us and provide images and other media as decided upon during the pitch process.

- The fee will be agreed upon before assignment, the minimum fee is $400 but could be higher based on assignment length, the research required, and quality.
- A kill fee will apply if the draft is not satisfactory.

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Interviews and sources can make or break a pitch. Make sure you've got contact information for the person and feel confident they'll participate in any story that'd be assigned. Actual assignment will await confirmation that the source is available and willing to speak on the record.
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