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The HCC Learning Center offers many services, including GED preparation, basic skills instruction, and more. Enrollment begins by attending a registration session at one of our three sites: Hutchinson, Newton, or McPherson.

During registration, our instructors will answer your initial questions and then test you in core academic areas to determine class placement.

A $50 materials fee, which covers the cost of all materials you need for the classroom, is due on the day of registration. This fee covers the cost of your classroom materials as long as you are a student in good standing. You may not complete registration or begin classes until this fee is paid. (Cash or check accepted.) Actual GED testing fees are paid separately, when you're ready to test, to the GED Testing Service.

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To enroll at our center, you must be at least 16 years of age. Students who are 16 or 17 must have a "disclaimer," a document that gives parental permission for a teen to officially stop-out of high school. Disclaimers are available through the school district (high school) in which you currently reside.
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