Burwash District Road Incident Log
A tool for residents of Burwash Parish Council to record dangerous traffic incidents so that we can compile statistical data for a submission to East Sussex County Council.
If you want a particular incident to be noted by the police, please do so via www.OperationCrackdown.org or for more serious incidents directly to the police on 101. We will not be able to use and will delete any reports with identifying information such as registration numbers or vehicle descriptions.
Please tell us the date of the incident
And please tell us the time of the incident 24 hour clock, hh:mm
Please tell us the nature of the incident.
Drove on Pavement
"Road Rage"
Bad or Dangerous Parking
No Stop at School X Patrol
Main Concern
Secondary Effect If Any
How would you rate the level of danger?
Risk of Death
Please tell us the location of the incident
And what type(s) of vehicle were involved?
Motor Cycle
First Vehicle
Second Vehicle If Any
Space if you'd like to add a BRIEF explanation or explain "Other". Please, NO identifying details (reg number, etc.)
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If you have a photo or video of the incident, please upload it to your Facebook, YouTube or similar account, set the privacy so that only people with the link can see it, and paste the link here.
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