Application form for the 4th European Alcohol Policy Youth Conference
Dear applicant,

the Alcohol Policy Youth Network (APYN) is happy to announce the 4th European Alcohol Policy Conference (EAPYC).

The idea of the conference is to host a training of up to 100 youth workers and youth leaders from across Europe, aged between 18 and 30 years (some exceptions possible), interested in preventing and reducing alcohol-related harm.

Please fill the form to apply as a participant to the 4th European Alcohol Policy Youth Conference (EAPYC) that will happen between 11th and 15th October 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

For some involved countries the project is co-financed by the Erasmus + Program. We operate on a participation fee base that allows additional participants to benefit from this traditional international event.
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Data collection, storage and protection:

For the purpose of reporting to the project financier, APYN and Lithuanian Medical Students' Association need the following information of each participant of the conference: name, surname, e-mail address, date and year of birth, gender and your home country. As a proof of participation, the financier also requires a list with participants' signatures, which includes the name and surname of the participant, e-mail address, date of activity, country of the participant and signature. If we are not able to prove your presence to the financier, we will not receive financial support for the event.

Each participant will have the opportunity to obtain a Youthpass certificate for their participation in the conference. For the issuing of the certificate, we need your first and last name and your e-mail address. To receive a certificate, you can tag it below in the application form and we will send it to you by e-mail.

All of the above mentioned data and signatures list is obliged to be kept by APYN and project coordinator LiMSA for five years after the formal completion of the project (the project will officially close on 30 April 2019). Data will be stored and protected in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act, and only authorized persons will have access to them.

If you wish to participate in further stages of the project or remain informed about the results, we will remain in touch with you via your email address.
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