MAS.834 Signup sheet - Fall 2017
Please fill out the following survey to help us determine which students to select for the class.
Note that we will publish the information of all accepted students on the class website so that people can form balanced teams. September 14th (Thursday) 5pm is the deadline to fill in the sheet.
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Comfortable in designing and implementing programs.
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How would you rank your fabrication skills? *
I don't build nothin'
I am comfy designing and building all the physical things.
What fabrication technologies are you proficient with? What kinds of things have you fabricated? *
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How would you rank your electronics skills? *
What's an op amp?
Choose my components and design pcb's in fancy software
What forms of electronics prototyping are you most comfortable with? What kinds of electronics projects have you worked on? *
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I'm a designer.
What kind of design work have you engaged in? (ie. product design, interaction design, graphic design, architecture, etc) *
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