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Though league management will attempt for round start times and pairings that are ideal for everyone, the PRO Chess League will be a global cooperation between players from all over the world. As such, we anticipate that there may be a few matches during a season where we ask a team to compete outside of normal, business hours. Please confirm that your team will be available to play at potentially inconvenient times in order to compete against teams from other international locations.
All matches will have excellent, live coverage on (with hosts from all over the world). In order to make the shows more interesting, we ask that managers take steps to ensure all players (and at the very least, the biggest names and highest rated) are potentially available during matches and afterward for post match interviews. How confident are you that everyone on your team can and will have the hardware available for Skype and other video conferencing options during and after a match?
Teams will be expected to have both a Twitter and Facebook profile, and create an active online presence, promoting the team, its results in the PRO Chess League, and share news about their activity within the local chess community. Please list the name of a potential Social Media Manger / PR person (can be manager or assistant manager), their personal Twitter profile, and describe your experience with using social media and plans to promote your team. *
Tell us why you want to join the PRO Chess League and what your team's goals and aspirations are for joining. *
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