Dunstan Reserve Food Forest Survey

The Dunstan Reserve Food Forest in Brunswick West is a collection of edible trees and other plants, both exotic and native, established over 15 years ago as a community resource. Being fully open to the public, it goes beyond the typical community garden model and is a very unusual space in Melbourne.

The Food Forest is managed by Moreland Community Gardening (MCG), a volunteer-run non-profit community group working towards a vibrant, sustainable network of community gardening locations in Moreland. The Food Forest is adjacent to West Brunswick Community Garden (WBCG), with the activities of both areas coordinated by the WBCG Organising Committee.

Through a grant from Moreland City Council, MCG is producing an Amenity Plan to guide the future management and coordination of the Food Forest. This survey will assist in the creation of the Amenity Plan, and also provide general feedback about the community's views of the space.

Whether you're an active volunteer or have just wandered past once or twice, we'd love to know what you like about the Food Forest and what we could do to make it even better. Any questions about this survey or the Amenity Plan can be directed to Jessica Peeler (MCG Community Gardening Coordinator) at

Thank you for your support, and happy gardening!
Privacy statement
The answers provided in this survey may be viewed by the MCG Community Gardening Coordinator, the MCG Board members, and the West Brunswick Community Garden Organising Committee members.

The results of the survey will be used to inform the Dunstan Reserve Food Forest Amenity Plan, which will be made publicly available. The Amenity Plan will include broad results from the survey, and may also include individual comments, however no names or other identifying factors will be used.

The survey is anonymous, and you will only be contacted by MCG if you choose to leave your contact details below (question 11).

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How the Food Forest operates
The Food Forest is located on land owned by Moreland City Council and leased at present to MCG. It is maintained by volunteers, with financial and organisational support from the WBCG Organising Committee.

There is a monthly working bee, during which larger tasks (e.g. harvesting, pruning, spreading mulch) take place. Other regular maintenance activities (e.g. sweeping the paths, weeding) are generally carried out by WBCG volunteers on an ad hoc basis. Everyone is welcome to be involved in the maintenance of the Food Forest - the space and plants belong to the community.

Our vision is for the Food Forest to be:
- a source of healthy, organic food
- a well maintained, productive plantation of trees
- a pleasant recreational space for local residents
- an outdoor classroom and exhibition garden
- a social hub
Location of the Food Forest within Dunstan Reserve
The Food Forest contains numerous fruit trees and other edible plants.
The Food Forest aims to somewhat replicate a natural forest, with food growing at different levels.
Fruit trees and shrubs with herbaceous understorey and grape arbour in the background (February 2020)
Various fruit trees and shrubs, with Pepino plants as a ground cover (May 2020)
1. What is your relationship with the Food Forest? *
2. Which age bracket do you fall into? *
3. Roughly how often do you visit the Food Forest? *
4. What are your favourite things about the Food Forest?
5. What do you think could be improved about the Food Forest and/or how it operates?
6. We would like to increase community use of the Food Forest, in terms of both formal events and passive recreational use. Which of the following would make you more likely to visit the Food Forest? *
7a. The Food Forest can serve multiple purposes within the community. Please rank the following goals in order of importance in your opinion (with 'first' being the most important). If there is another purpose you think is important, please select 'other' and add details in the next question. Otherwise, just select 'other' as the fourth option and leave the next question blank. *
Address food security by growing as much food for the community as possible
Educate the community about growing food
Provide a recreational area for the community
Other (please explain in next question)
7b. If you would like to add something for 'other' in the previous question, please add details here. Otherwise, just leave this question blank.
8. We would like to increase volunteer numbers and hours spent working on general maintenance tasks at the Food Forest. Which of the following would make you more likely to volunteer at the Food Forest? *
9. Do you know where/how to find out about events at the Food Forest? *
10. What is your preferred method for finding out about events running at the Food Forest? *
11. If you would like to be contacted about ways to get involved with the Food Forest, please leave your email address below. You can also follow us on Facebook ( or subscribe to the MCG newsletter here:
12. Thank you for taking part in the survey. If you would like to make any additional comments or suggestions, please write them below.
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