Rookie Registration (New Players)
PLEASE NOTE -- This system is NOT for registering other players; please register for yourself only.
You can register individually (i.e., as a "free agent") or with a friend or family member (e.g., partial team)
Rookie Registrations are only for brand new players and for those with no more than one year of experience!

For additional information on dates, refer to the club's calendar and league pages:

Since this probably the FIRST TIME you have registered with us (or at least might be), please refer to our document on WHAT TO EXPECT (League Registration and Commitment to Playing), located here:

On subsequent pages you will be asked a series of questions about you and your registration as a new player.

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League Descriptions
The Sunday afternoon Yager League is your best option for playing with other beginner players but we have expanded the options for you to sign up (as a rookie) to also include other leagues as described below...

YAGER League (Sunday Afternoons) will pretty much be all BEGINNER PLAYERS. It is a league designed only for players with 0-3 years of experience, though some exceptions will be made to accommodate intermediate players (and there will be experience players on hand to help you with shot-making and strategy/decisions).

SANDLOT League (Sunday Evenings) will have a mix of beginner and intermediate players. It is designed for players with more experience, like 3-5 years, wanting to play at more of an intermediate level, but can also accommodate newer players (e.g., mixing them onto teams w/intermediate players).

SOCIAL League (Wed. Evenings) is more a more casual (social) format where you sign up as an individual and the league managers will mix up the teams and rotate positions every week or so, and the skill level is highly mixed.

As a rookie, you can also sign up for Fridays (tip: use the 'Other' option; below). For additional information on these and other leagues, please refer to the club's League page:

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Per above League Descriptions, please pick ONE (1) option below for your registration. After completing this form, you will be contacted via the email address you provide on this page. Additional information you want to provide on your League(s) of interest can be added to the 'comments' space on the next page. Please note that if you pay for your registration after a league is full (and are not placed from a waiting list), we can issue you a refund -- we will contact you! If you have any questions, please email
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PLEASE BE SURE TO ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CORRECTLY or we may not be able to contact you regarding registration and leagues!!! The email address you provide will be given to the corresponding league manager(s) and will also be used to send you an invitation (if you are not already participating) for you to join us on "SLACK" -- which is the Kalamazoo Curling Club's primary communication tool for members!
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OPTIONAL -- e.g., to share with corresponding program manager (as an alternate communication method)
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