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Resilient Communities is a learning and action program that empowers and equips the community to strengthen sustainability, disaster preparedness and resilience. RC will help communities to understand local and global challenges and innovate actions to strengthen community and personal resilience. RC learning modules are designed on key areas of risk including Fire, Community Health, Food, Water, Energy, Infrastructure and the Economy. The design of program will enable local residents to identify community driven solutions that build resilience during natural disasters and is a collaboration with local disaster management services.

OzGREEN is inviting community members of the Dorrigo Plateau, the Bellingen Valley and the Urunga Seaboard to participate in the Resilient Communities Program. The first session will start on the 7th September, from 10am-12:30pm and will run fortnightly until December 2021. Each session will be held via ZOOM.

Join our growing community, taking steps to build personal and community resilience as well as creating an active network of connected and prepared community members.

To register please fill out the form below or contact Kathleen at or on (02) 5615 8108 for more information.
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