Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Federal Work Study Requisition
Please complete the following form to request students for the Federal Work Study Program. If you have need for students for multiple positions in your department, please complete a separate form for each position. The submission of a request does not guarantee that you will receive students. If you have any questions, please contact Robert Berkelman. Phone: 573-341-6458 or robertb@mst.edu.
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Our Institutional Work Study Program is for incoming students who have a high financial need. Supervisors act as a mentor for the student and guide them through their first year on campus. This program has proven to have a higher retention rate in students who participate. Would you be interested in making this particular position for our Institutional Work Study Program? *
Job description and Special Skills: *
How would you rate the level of this position. (Please submit separate request forms for different job duties.) *
Request for specific students (Only students who were awarded Federal Work Study are eligible). List name and student ID number:
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Delegate Approver, Empl ID, and Phone Number (Who will approve time in Time and Labor Approvers absence?):
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