Physical Education BA 5th Grade
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1. Which of these activities shows muscular strength?
2. Which of these activities is BEST for strengthening your heart and lungs?
3. Changing directions while playing a game/activity is...
4. Stretching exercises are MOST important because they help to...
5. Crab walking across the gym works...
6. Which of the following is NOT a part of a healthy meal (My Plate)
7. John has been eating sugary snacks and sitting around for hours watching television. Which of these would be the most healthful thing for him to do?
8. Tom and Colby are trying to keep a beach ball up in the air. They need to use...
9. Shawn notices that Sally is having difficulty throwing. Which of the following is NOT a correct throwing mechanic?
10. Which BEST demonstrates successful cooperation regardless of cultural or other differences?
11. In basketball, when defense is guarding you, what do you want to do with your dribble?
12. Samantha is new to playing soccer. What does she need to do to improve her skills?
13. When a team in floor hockey does NOT have possession or control of the puck/ball and they are attempting to keep the other team from scoring, this is called...
14. Choose the BEST answer. When dribbling a soccer ball, you should...*
15. Throwing or kicking into an open space is an example of...
16. Which of the following actions are necessary when moving smoothly from one jump rope skill to another?
17. Ivan wants to improve his upper body strength. Which two things should he consider?
18. A classmate has been teasing Jon because he can't make a basket in Physical Education class. Which of the following would be the BEST thing for Jon to say to let the classmate know how he feels?
19. When a receiver runs a route and catches a football pass at their chest, his/her fingers should be pointed...
20. What are some strategies to use to improve your health?
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