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Hello and welcome!

Please read this in its entirety if this is your first read with me.

A quick note on my tarot style. I typically fall closer to the advisory and coaching than I do the divinatory. My calling and work is more in the "What directions should I look and what moves should I make to take the next step in my career?" than it is the "Will I get the job I just interviewed for?" and more "What can I do in my life to prepare me for the relationship I am looking for?" than "When will I meet my soulmate?"

I also always like to preface my readings with the following: The universe/collective conscious/cards are laying out what your path ahead looks like currently, and if you continue the way you are currently moving. The cards are a tool and a reading is a snapshot of this moment and circumstance. Any choices you make from here can alter that path or outcome. The cards are just guidance and you get to choose what you do with that guidance. Your future is in your own hands. The standard disclaimers: This is all for "entertainment purposes," no legal questions, no medical questions, no questions that infringe upon the privacy of others. I and my readings are not responsible or liable for the choices you decide to make in your life. Information I share through my readings should not be used in place of information by professionals in relevant fields.

Timeline-wise, please give me up to a week to complete and deliver your reading, though I generally average 2-3 days to complete and send final reads. If there is a concern with your question I will reach out, or if you have a specific question and need help forming how to ask it please don't hesitate to drop me an email at Lindsay@wanderingchild.org and we can work it out together. Also, if your situation is more complex than one read can accommodate I am happy to discuss one of my multi-spread options with you to help you through what you need.

I have all readings priced on a sliding scale. While I believe in being paid appropriately for what one does, I also believe in accessibility and have benefitted greatly from sliding scale options for assorted things in the past when I have needed them. Pay what you are able on the scale, or whatever on the scale you think the reading is worth--no explanation needed, and no questions asked. I do spend time and a lot of energy on my reads--a full spread reading from beginning to end can easily take me a solid three hours to read and put together in written form for you, and the multi-spread options can take 8-12 hours to construct and execute. What do you get for a reading? A photo of the cards in the spread and a personally composed long-form written read delivered to your email for you to do with as you wish. How do you pay me? Venmo is preferred: @alcoholalchemy. If that doesn't work for you let me know and we can talk other arrangements--I do have PayPal on a different email, and Facebook allows money transferring as well. I prefer payment upon the Google forms confirmation of your receipt. If you need to work something else out, let me know! All sales are final.

Don't know me so well and need a bio? I'm Lindsay. With an a. None of that e nonsense here. I live just outside of Cincinnati in northern Kentucky, I'm 38, and I've been reading tarot casually for myself and a very small select handful of friends since I was about 13. I got a bit more serious about it in college, and I've upped my game over the last couple of years. Professionally I have worked in the hospitality and bar world since I was 20. When I'm not laid-off thanks to COVID-19 I manage at a not-for-profit restaurant and occasionally have done private bar training and consulting under the social media handle @AlcoholAlchemy. I also volunteer as a full-spectrum/abortion doula and am currently undergoing training for end of life doula work. And now I read tarot, too!

Any other questions before you commit? Lindsay@wanderingchild.org would be the place to reach me!
Want to follow my tarot and doula shenanigans? http://instagram.com/wanderingchildtarot is the place to go.
Want to follow my personal shenanigans? http://instagram.com/lindsay.jl would be the spot for that.
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If you have a general topic or specific question you have in mind, please write it in here. The more specific your question is then the more tailored to that question your read is likely to be. Timeline questions are unlikely to get you very far--"When am I going to get married?" will have me asking you for a better question, but "If I want to get married in the next three years is that a possibility, and what should I be looking at to do or consider in my life to make it happen?" will probably get you a pretty thoughtful read.
Any other questions for me or requests for your read? If you're interested in setting up a regular reading (like a daily card pull for a week, or once a week, or anything else at all) this would be the spot for that. I generally choose the deck that calls to any specific reading in the moment, but if you just HAVE to have a read from one of the decks you've seen me use on my IG or FB then write it in below and I can make that happen...but buyer beware that usually works best for people looking for a general read and not people with a specific question.
Some day, if this becomes a bigger thing, I miiiiiight decide to start a mailing list with things like weekly card pulls for the list. There will of course be some occasional marketing for programs I create and such on it, too, but I promise I'll keep all of that at a minimum! If so, would you like to opt-in? *
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