ElevateCX Fall 2022 Call For Speakers
Our next event is in San Diego, CA April 27-29, 2023.

So you wanna speak at Elevate CX, eh? Great! Here's what you need to know:

ElevateCX is a conference for anyone in Customer Experience - that means customer support, customer success, community management, or even product management. Our audience is mainly leadership level, meaning support team leads, managers, heads of support, Directors of CX, VPs of CX, etc. While we're open to any relevant and engaging talk, do know that the audience is looking for higher-level educational and process talks along with interesting career advice.

We produce a very different event from your average support conference - our attendees have refined, specific skills and opinions. They already know what they do is important and they do a pretty good job already. Our attendees are seeking education, advice, and ACTIONABLE information that they might not already have from people who have real-life experience to share.

We’re looking for your in-the-trenches stories, your failure stories, your head-slapping revelations that changed your business for the better, and small tweaks that hugely improved your metrics or KPI's.
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