Elevate Summit Call For Speakers
Elevate is a conference for anyone in customer support, customer success, or even product management. We produce a very different event from your average tech conference - our attendees have refined, specific skills and opinions. They already know what they do is important and they do a pretty good job already. Our attendees are seeking education, advice, and ACTIONABLE information that they might not already have from people who have real-life experience to share. We’re looking for your in-the-trenches stories, your failure stories, your head-slapping revelations that changed your business for the better.

If you’re interested in speaking at an Elevate Support Summit, please review the below info first.


- Is your talk about how important customer service is? Our attendees are among the elite of the support world, and already know this.

- Are you a professional speaker who doesn’t actively work with customers day-to-day? Our attendees DO this stuff all day. They need to hear from people with real work experience.

- Is your talk about how to treat customers nicely? All our attendees already do that, and they are very, very good at it.


- Do you have a great, unique story about customer care success or - even better - failure? Send it our way!

- Do you do something that is not widely accepted as a general practice (like offer “no questions asked” refunds or have all team members use nicknames)? Sounds fascinating!

- Do you have a story about how other departments and disciplines can affect customer happiness? Tell us!

- Have you managed to scale your support practices through massive growth, disruption, etc? Show us your battle scars!

- Have you come up with an effective process for converting user feedback into smart product decisions? Let's hear it!

- Have you figured out a process to give support as much of a voice in the product roadmap as your executives? Kudos to you, can you come teach the rest of us?

Think you’re a good fit? Use the form below to submit your talk.

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